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Bath Towels – Thick or Thin?

=====UPDATE 9/19/2018=====

Thin Turkish Towels, that’s what we are talking about today!  We bought some on May 15 and some on July 4, they are still our favorite towels.  They have gotten softer and hang better.  I’m not sure we have lost any color in them at all!  Check it out for yoursef!

Bright, beautiful, over 6 months old, we use them ALL the time.  We are so happy with our purchases!


Why am I writing about towels you ask?

Well, I may have found a better set of towels and I might love them, let me tell you about the old ones first.

Less than two years ago, we bought some oversized towels, hand towels and washcloths for the guest bath.  They are heavy weight, and the bath towels are large enough to wrap around you (35″ x 68″).  I thought I would love them and they would last a long time, quality costs money right (@$39.99 each)?  Well, apparently not, these towels have a wide band at each end and it has tightened and shrunk, it will not lay flat, or hang properly. They have lost their luster and the fabric has pulled in some areas.

It was time to replace them and we are not doing that again!  So, we went for something totally different, Turkish Towels and so far we love them!

They are 100% Cotton and 37″ x 70″! They also come in 30 different beautiful colors.

They are lightweight at only .6 lbs each, compared to old towels at 1.7 lbs. I literally wrapped it around myself and used it as a sarong, to walk to the pool.

They are super thin which is nice, as it takes up less room and is light enough to travel with or bring on the boat. I bought two towels for about $45, some are a little less, depending on my color selection.  We plan to replace all of our towels with these and as we do, we’ll be donating the old towels to a local shelter!

At this point, we really love them and look how cute the packaging is!!  If anything changes, we will update the website, but for now, they are keepers!